Claire Guerin is an Irish visual artist. She graduated from her Fine Arts studies at The Crawford College of Art and Design in 2006, obtaining The Crawford purchase prize for her video piece ‘Diary Reading’. In which she filmed herself reading aloud her brother’s diary.

In 2005 she started working on a project called ‘The Guesthouse’ with The Cork Artists Collective. Collaborating with artists Irene Murphy and Mick O’Shea they co-founded The Guesthouse project an artist led residency space ( and has been on the curatorial board of The Guesthouse since 2007.

In 2006 she took part in a feminist exhibition called ‘Mother, Daughter, Virgin, Whore’ curated by Sandra Minchin. The brief was to make a performance about the modern woman. And Guerin did a piece titled ‘Paris’. In contrast with some of the other work, chose a negative subject but delivered in the style of ‘tongue and cheek’.

She co-created an ongoing event in The Guesthouse called ‘Tuesday Lunch’ with Irene Murphy, a weekly free lunch with a talk or event for dessert. The lunches ran for two years, before becoming ‘Sunday Lunch’ one of the reasons The Guesthouse became so well known for it’s food and sound art.


There was also a Tuesday Lunch Berlin in ZAA(2008), in collaboration with sound artist Daniel Weiss.  And a Tuesday Lunch Tokyo in the Ozaki residency house(2009), in collaboration with Sozo Engine. In 2014 she collaborated with Irene Murphy and artist Aoife Cox in an ongoing open day event in The Guesthouse called ‘Cereal Killer’ where they experiment with wheat-free and dairy-free recipes creating delicious dishes and allergy free alternatives for visitors.

Claire Guerin also curated various exhibitions in An Cruiscin Lan in 2006 and An Cruibin in 2008.  Working with artists like Harry Moore, Pauline Izumi Colin, Cuig (Mayfield Community Arts Centre), Tim Collins and Maureen Constantine.

Since 2009 she has experimented with live video and VJing. Creating live video installations for concerts and collaborating with a number of artists (Deerhoof, Surgeon, Mersk, Doshy, Herv, Deconfidence, Drokkr, Rest, Ten Past Seven, Lady Grew, Lazerface, Tinman, The Quiet Club, Paul Hegarty (SAFE)…). She regularly collaborates with musicians, performers and sound artists to add an extra live element to concerts and exhibitions.

In 2011 she joined the Vision VJ Collective for their showcase event in the Cork Film Festival and collaborated with noise artist Paul Hegarty and noise duo Vomitnest.  Guerin also projected for 8hours straight accompanying Sonic Vigil 6 also that year in Christchurch in Cork city which was later released on LP in 2013.  In 2011 a DVD compilation of that years Seesound collaborators was printed by The Guesthouse in 2012, in which she made a video piece called ‘Orientation’ in collaboration with Ten Past Seven.  Her work can also be found in the Crawford Municipal Art Gallery’s collection in Cork city.

In 2014 her ‘miniature queefcase’ was exhibited as a part of ‘Scale Factor’ a group exhibition of miniatures curated by Bartos Nowak in GALERIA TERMINAL08, GORZÓW, Poland. 2013 she was on mini residency in The Guesthouse (Cork city Ireland), 2010 she attended ‘Art=Adding’ residency in Szczecin, Poland and in 2009 she attended the ‘Art Plant’ Residency in Sayama (the green island) Tokyo, Japan.

Queef playing at Sonic Vigil 8
Queef playing at Sonic Vigil 8 2014

In 2013 she began experimenting with sound and noise with all female group ‘Annular Ringshank nails’ (Irene Murphy, Laney Mannion, Roisin Foley and Claire Guerin) which began on her residency in The Guesthouse. And in late 2013 began recording under the name ‘Queef’ (

Queef (live at The Monk and The Nun 2016) from Claire Guerin on Vimeo.

‘This is an audio exploration of Psychoacoustics in landscape. Queef are the combinations of noises generated in different environments created by Miniature Zebra (Laney Mannion) and Claire Guerin. The sounds and echos in various environs add an element of surprise to the live recordings.’ -Queef

Carolyn Collier outside The Crawford Art Gallery
Carolyn Collier outside The Crawford Art Gallery

Guerin went on to collaborate with artist Carolyn Collier and contemporary dancer Inma Pavon in their residency in The Firkin Crane and also in their performance in The Crawford Municipal Art Gallery in 2014.

In 2014 Claire curated a group exhibition in The Guesthouse called ‘haiku house’. Bringing together a melting pot of visual artists, writers, noise makers and a psycho therapist. They worked for two months with the goal of exhibiting their findings. This began the noise collaboration called ‘The Lost haiku’ which is a noise trio comprising of Danny McCarthy, Katie O’Looney and Claire Guerin. Playing live at Sonic Arts Festival in Waterford in 2014 and Protoliguisitics exhibition in The Guesthouse in 2015.


Recording and experimenting with audio has been her main focus since 2013.  And most of her recordings can be found on Soundcloud or available to download on Bandcamp. She released three Queef albums in 2016 of her previous work with Laney Mannion (Minature Zebra).


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