Sound Art / Collaborations

Rob Ireson and Claire Guerin have formed the experimental anti noise duo The Dead Murmurs.


The lost haiku
In the spirit of
all haiku, we are three
syllabic and present.

The lost haiku are Claire Guerin, Danny McCarthy & Katie O’Looney. We listen, we play and interact. We each have an individual sound palette, which comes together in fragments and slices. Haikus were meant to be shared, for some its in order to teleport you to a place you know but have never been…


This is an audio exploration of Psychoacoustics in landscape. Queef are the combinations of noises generated in different environments created by Miniature Zebra(Laney Mannion) and Claire Guerin. The sounds and echos in various environs add an element of surprise to the live recordings.


Annular ring shank nails are an all female sound art four piece comprising of Irene Murphy, Roisin Foley, Laney Mannion and Claire Guerin. The four worked on recordings while on mini residency in The Guesthouse, with the aim of playing outside and recording somewhere at the end of their stay. This resulted in The Red Abbey recordings… which can be found on Soundcloud and a short video on youtube.  This is where Guerin’s audio exploration started in 2013.


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